How to Discover Your Brand Voice

A brand’s voice is a crucial aspect of its communication with customers and the outside world. It represents the distinct personality and values of a business.

Through the phrasing and tone of its messages, a brand’s voice can convey seriousness, humor, conservatism, empowerment, or sassiness.

The brand voice plays a significant role in how people engage with a company. It fosters a sense of community, connection, and trust in a brand’s products.

Start With Your Brand Identity

When starting a business, one of the first steps is to establish your brand identity, which includes defining your brand voice, persona, and image.

While this may seem like a daunting task, it simply requires thoughtful consideration of your company and its values. Make sure to reflect your brand identity on your marketing collateral.

Here is a practical approach to uncovering your brand voice and ensuring you have all the essentials covered.

Develop a Persona

Create a brand persona that accurately represents your target consumer base.

  • Define the purpose and goals of creating a persona.
  • Gather research on the target audience’s demographics, psychographics, and behaviors.
  • Create a fictional character that represents the target audience.
  • Validate the persona using real data and user feedback.
  • Utilize the persona to inform decision-making processes.

However, authenticity is key, so ensure that the persona aligns with your own personality and values. For example, if you are a cannabusiness, create custom cannabis packaging using label print material that looks and feels like the personality it is meant to align with your brand values.

Use the Right Adjectives

Another approach to finding your brand voice is to involve your staff. Ask each team member to suggest three to five adjectives that best describe your company. By analyzing their responses, you should be able to identify commonalities and find a solution.

If there are significant discrepancies in their suggestions, it may indicate a lack of knowledge about your company or difficulty in presenting a unified front. In such cases, it’s essential to reassess your strategies.

Review Your Marketing Content

Sometimes, the most valuable insights can be found within your existing brand materials.

Go back and review your past social media posts, blog articles, tweets, and other content. Identify recurring themes and emotions that are reflected in your content. This analysis can provide valuable clues about your brand voice.

Use a Brand Voice Generator

If all else fails, consider using a brand voice generator as a tool to assist in developing your business’s identity.

These tools provide prompts and guidelines to help you define your brand’s tone and style.

Consult an Expert

Engaging with a seasoned branding team can also be beneficial in establishing the right brand voice.

Share details about your products and target market with the experts, and they can help you develop a persona that accurately portrays your brand. They can incorporate this persona into your logo, custom packaging design, website, and all your branding materials.


A strong brand voice resonates with customers, akin to the charisma of a good friend or acquaintance. It is an instantly recognizable symbol that embodies a company’s core principles and values.

As you build your brand’s voice, remember that it is an integral part of your online and offline presence. It shapes how you interact with consumers, evokes emotions, and influences the level of trust they place in your brand.

By carefully crafting your brand voice, you can establish a compelling and authentic connection with your audience, ultimately strengthening your brand’s identity and fostering customer loyalty.

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