ICR Intelligent Character Recognition: Working principle and its Benefits

ICR is an advanced form of OCR technology which transforms printed characters by capturing handwriting from image files. It’s the transformational phase as technology evolves rapidly to provide recognition rates and accuracy. 

The adjustments and changes in this field are stable, integrating possibilities with the passage of time to make technology more accurate and reliable. ICR still needs correctness and their results are not reliable. This is because software is currently working on neural networks created by AI. 

More data availability will help ICR online software learn and process handwritten documents. But exceptions can also cause wrong data interpretation. 

What is an Intelligent Word Recognition Solution?

ICR identifies and extracts handwriting even if it’s cursive text or printed data. This online software recognises character level and integrates words and full phrases. It has the capacity to capture unstructured information and provides more detailed information as compared to ICR.

ICR can easily decode new handwriting fonts and styles by creating an AI-based neural network. It ensures self-learning with each new document font and style. 

It means that the ICR software upgrades itself by learning new models of any document. No doubt this process ultimately helps the software to predict and understand new handwriting with more accuracy and reliability. 

Every new information or data is used to forecast the fonts, styles and handwriting. However, ICR can’t be replaced with OCR because it’s optimized tech to process physical documents that are not well-written. It doesn’t recognise documents in which data fields are hard to identify. 

Working Principle Of ICR 

ICR software works well on a system that can easily take data from handwritten documents. Software scans information from the document and fetches all the data. Understanding the ICR concept will be easier by looking at the science behind its principles. 

  1. As ICR software automatically scans the document and fetches all information like date of birth and name so end users will show their ID card before a camera. 
  2. ICR software can ask users to upload hand-written consent by giving instructions and automatically scan or extract text. 
  3.  Moving further it verifies extracted information or results and sends it to the bank. 

Online character recognition eradicates the overhead cost of time-intensive and ineffective data entry procedures. The extracted information can be used in data flow systems to ensure predictive modelling over huge data sets to make businesses more optimised and efficient. 

Application of ICR Software

ICR was invented in 1993 by Joseph Corcoran for automated form processing purposes. This procedure involves three steps in which the data image was processed and captured by the software. Then it extracts information by using the ICR engine and in the last step, results were processed to know the authenticity of the output. 

ICR proves to be very beneficial with the passage of time. In today’s real-world companies use intelligent character recognition to automate the form filling process. The identification of unstructured data was a complicated process before ICR. But, now advanced technologies have the ability to automate data extraction procedures no matter if the handwriting is cursive, structured or unstructured. 

Intelligent character recognition has these applications at an organisational level:

  1. ICR is adopted by Robotic Process Automation(RPA) at the global level. 
  2. It is used in Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)  to optimise workplace operations. 
  3. ICR software is used to achieve the data in digital form. 
  4. Verifies handwritten consent in a digital environment. 
  5. ICR is used to automate the conventional way of manual data entry procedures at an industrial level.
  6. EDV verifies individual online identity that is usually used in financial institutions. 

Intelligent Character Recognition Benefits 

ICR makes OCR more effective because it can interpret different forms of handwriting styles and fonts. By using AI and neural networks, ICR self-improved itself by learning from its own experience. It upgrades and improves its learning process every time users enter any new data. Not only this, but handwriting style also doesn’t matter, be it cursive or digital.  

Healthcare or financial firms get a massive amount of forms every day that’s why ICR services provide efficient and quick ways to process consumer data. It also reduces errors while extracting data from handwritten text because there is no space for errors in a few industries. ICR helps these companies by uploading the huge data volume with few errors. 

Key Takeaways

Now all details about ICR have been given in this blog but acquiring the technology totally depends upon the company. Keep one thing in mind, OCR services are comparatively cheaper as compared to ICR. But companies that have huge data volumes should use OCR with ICR combination to enjoy more effective and accurate results.

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